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Premier League Prediction
Just a thought 

With all the Christmas matches coming thick and fast over the festive period for the Premier League, Would you be interested in doing a few weeks predictions in one go? Just a thought in case you miss the chance one matchday.

Let me know your thoughts on this over the next week

That would be better in my opinion
I will start the thread for Matchday 18 tomorrow so everyone can get their predictions in nice and early

If you want me to add Matchday 19 and Matchday 20 please feel free to ask on this thread or via PM
Good idea doing it early. I might add my 19 predictions in early as I'll probably be busy between the two sets of games and will forget
Ok then guys either me or Carravetta will do a Matchday & Prediction Matchday for the next 3 Matchday tomorrow.
I'm just setting it up now. Didn't realise the games between 18 and 19 were so far apart (5 days) so I'd be fine with predicting in time.
I think 19 and 20 should definitely be together, though. What does everyone else think?

Let me know what's best, or edit my post if necessary!
Thanks for that United Road

I'll make a forum announcement regarding this

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